The MPA Student Division Stands with Ukraine

Two weeks ago, Russia launched an unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine which continues to contribute to the deaths of hundreds of civilians, displaced millions, and cruelly tears from these people their homes, families, and sovereign land. The MPA Student Division stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, their loved ones, and all those affected by this war which threatens global stability. As future psychologists, we are aware of the unequal way that war and those who flee it are portrayed. It is important that we recognize and show our unequivocal support for all those who are displaced, regardless of their race or nation of origin. One can support the people of Ukraine and those in similar straits. We encourage all who can to provide support in whatever ways you can: be it in materials, time, empathy, or advocacy. 

While these are uncertain and frightening times, remember that as the future of the field of psychology, we can and should take action for the common good. Provide space for dialogue, take care of yourselves, peers, and those in your communities. Above all, do not give up hope.





International Red Cross

Community Activism

Local Crisis Resources

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