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Whether you are an undergraduate student with a keen interest in psychology, or a graduate student seeking a terminal degree, the Student Division is here to support you. On this site you will find the latest information on developments that affect you, resources to assist you in your journey, and a place to lend your voice to the issues that affect you as a psychology student.

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Standing in Solidarity with our Black Peers & Community Members

By Quincy Guinadi & David Van Engen Today marks the start of Derek Chauvin’s murder trial, one of the four police officers responsible for the unjustifiable killing of George Floyd. As we speak, the city of Minneapolis has responded in preparation to this trial by building barricades and increasing the presence of law enforcement. This … Continue reading Standing in Solidarity with our Black Peers & Community Members

Navigating the Collegiate Atmosphere as a First-Generation Student

By Linda Zheng & Dakota Leget As a first-generation college student, it’s easy to feel disadvantaged or overwhelmed going into and throughout your college career. If you compare yourself to your peers, you may feel “behind” – perhaps in terms of professional, academic, and financial resources. This is a common experience for first-generation students, especially … Continue reading Navigating the Collegiate Atmosphere as a First-Generation Student

New MPA opportunities!

The MPA Ethics Committee is looking to increase our student membership!  Are you looking to increase your knowledge and gain experience regarding ethics consultation and build connections with other psychologists and students?  If so, then please submit a brief statement about why you would like to be a part of the MPA Ethics Committee and submit it … Continue reading New MPA opportunities!

MPA SD Supports International Students

The Student Division of the Minnesota Psychological Association supports college students irrespective of their status as guests or residents in the United States. We find the recent policy announcements of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) and support from the White House to be capricious, arbitrary, and morally abhorrent. Unfortunately, this is only … Continue reading MPA SD Supports International Students

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