The Never-Ending Search for Scholarships and Grants

By Quincy Guinadi

Graduate school is expensive! While some of us are fortunate and privileged to have financial support, others rely on scholarships and grants to provide financial assistance.

The search for scholarships and grants can be time consuming, overwhelming, and exhausting. As a graduate student, time is often not on my side and I aim to look for scholarships that have a reasonable time-to-money ratio. A scholarship that requires me to submit a video that takes 6 hours to develop, produce, and edit for a chance at a $100 award? No thank you!

Before starting the search, I would encourage folks to reflect on the amount of energy and time they have for the coming weeks as the process of applying for scholarships and grants takes time. This would assist you in narrowing down and focusing on awards that you would have higher chances of receiving. 

My go-to search for scholarships and grants typically looks like this:

  1. Your institution’s or program’s scholarships/grants
  2. Local professional organizations (e.g. MPA, Minnesota Women in Psychology)
  3. National professional organizations (e.g. APA, Psi Chi)
  4. Other psychology organizations or sites
  5. Leftover google searches (I have once found a scholarship through a facebook mental health group!)

As I pull up scholarships and grants that fits my interest/criteria, I would create an excel list that consist of:

  1. Scholarship/Grant name
  2. Awarding institution/organization
  3. What the award is for/about and it’s link
  4. Criteria and materials needed 
  5. Number of recommendation letters required 
  6. Deadline 

I would also have an alarm set in my calendar and would give myself more than enough time to request for recommendation letters, write the proposal, and give time for procrastination (it’s inevitable)! I usually give myself approximately 3 weeks before the deadline to start the application process. From my experience, most scholarships tend to be due around summer time and I would often begin my search and create the list towards the end of my spring semester. 

The search and process of applying for scholarships can seem overwhelming and also achievable! There are many organizations and institutions that want to recognize the students’ research, clinical, and leadership contributions to the field — so don’t hesitate to seek them out! I’ve listed a few of them below. Follow our blog to receive updated lists of scholarships and grant opportunities for psychology students and postdoc fellows!

American Psychological Association Funding & Scholarships

Elizabeth A. Fries Scholarship in Psychology

International Honor Society in Psychology Research Grants

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