Our Next In-Person Student Division Social 11/11/2022 @6pm

Join the Student Division for our next, and last, in-person social this year at Pryes Brewing! Bring your fellow students and co-workers!

In-Person Student Division Social 8/19/2022 @6pm

Join the Student Division and ECP Division for our next social at Pryes Brewing! Bring your fellow students, coworkers, and furry friends!

In-Person Student Division Social 7/15/2022 @6pm

Join the Student Division and ECP Division for our next social at Pryes Brewing! Bring your fellow students, coworkers, and furry friends!

What I wished I had known: For Graduate Students & Early Career Therapists (free event)

Saturday, December 19th, 2020
Hosted by
Topics for this all day event include:

  1. Keynote Conversation on the Imposter Phenomenon
  2. Specific Topics: Dissertation Dilemmas, Gaining that Coveted Internship, Preparing for Licensure, Marketing Your Private Practice, Student Loans, Workshop Facilitation
  3. Fun breaks including: Mindfulness, Laughing Yoga, Journaling, Art, Improv and other fun activities like karaoke, networking, meditation.
  4. Virtual Booths: Meet with mental health businesses & professional development coaches

You can also join this Facebook Group for Graduate Students  to ask questions about the event.

MPA Leadership Program

This is a free immersive experience for any MPA member interested in learning about leadership or their leadership style. The Leadership Program is a 12-month commitment that begins in January of 2021 and ends in December of 2021. It is expected that the time commitment may change from month to month depending upon the activities that are planned.

Check out more info here!

MPA NAMIWalks 2020

Many thanks to the following psychologists who were on MPA’s NAMIWalks Minnesota Team: Erika Brink, Maren McMillen, Sy Gross, Jenny Wettersten, Michelle Sherman, and Trisha Stark. We look forward to all getting together for next year’s walk!

ECP & Student Division Virtual Social, Nov 21, 5-6pm

Join us for a virtual social where you get to meet and connect with other MPA members! Check back here for more details on registration!

Volunteers Needed for COVID Cares Support Service

If you can give one hour a week—pick an hour during which you usually do paperwork—we are desperately seeking volunteers for this support line. Individuals connect to your number through a toll free number so your phone number never shows up. Calls are to provide support and active listening. While we are having mental health professionals provide the service, it is not therapy and there is only the briefest of documentation requirements. CMS recently came out and said that 40% of the population now reports experiencing anxiety and/or depression. We are expecting a tidal wave of need, especially for frontline workers and teachers to name just a few groups. While the line was initially just for health care personnel, we have expanded it to meet the needs of anyone who self identifies as needing support due to COVID. A reminder, as part of the COVID emergency, volunteers are exempt from liability claims. Please help out.

Click here to learn more and sign up.